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I come home from a six hour drive from Los Angeles back to my house and im fuckin hungry so im gonna make a quesadilla right and i sprinkle the fucking cheese on the tortilla right and i put it in the microwave except the microwaAVE ISNT THERE. WHERE THE FUCK IS MY MICROWAVE WHERE THE FUCK IS IT SOMEONEN STOLE MY GODDAMNED MICROWAVE WHILE I WAS VACATIONING. MY TV IS STILL HERE EVERYTHING IS STILL HERE THEY STOLE MY GOIDAMNED MICROWVAE. ITS FUCKING GONE WHAT THE HELL I JUST WANT A GODAMNED MOTHEFUCKING QUESADILLA


my two-week long flash game project for animation is finished and up on my deviantart! play it here!

3 gender choices— male, female, and nonbinary! i tried to make the nonbinary option as gender-neutral as possible, so it could go towards either gender, be a combination of both, or neither depending on the clothing choices!
3 skin tones— because POC (like myself) are people too and are really cool! so that should be an option!
2 body types— one on the chubbier side and one on the skinnier side- because not everyone has the same body types!

even if you can’t play it, please reblog so others can check it out!

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